Passing Strange

Serious bowlers.

Lizard Man by Drusilla
Yayy! A new Chu book.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Previews for the Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Class Guide continue on the Paizo blog!

Meet the Iconic Slayer: Zadim!
Also, if you missed them, be sure to meet the Iconic Swashbuckler, Jirelle, the Iconic Investigator, Quinn, the Iconic Warpriest, Oloch, the Iconic Bloodrager: Crowe, the Iconic Arcanist: Enora, the Iconic Skald: Hakon, and the Iconic Brawler: Kess!
Three hours of work assembling two fun Lego sets. Destroyed in two seconds by a tantrumy 4-year-old. Gaaahhh! 

#Lego #Ninjago
Best 45th Birthday ever!
The LITTLE BILL book and TV series based on Bill Cosby’s childhood are great for children of color and children in general. Sammy highly recommends them. :D